Annual Renewals Of Certificate Of Authorizations For Dentistry Professional Corporations

This is a reminder that all Certificates of Authorization for dentistry professional corporations expire August 31st regardless of the initial date of issuance. Even if you apply at the beginning of August in a year for a new Certificate of Authorization you will have to resubmit and pay the renewal fee again for the end of August renewal as all Certificates of Authorization expire August 31st regardless of the initial date of issuance.

If you incorporate your dentistry professional corporation in August we can request the College issue the Certificate of Authorization September 1, 2015 in which case you will avoid having to pay the renewal fee. If you are a member of the RCDSO and hold a current Certificate of Authorization for a dentistry professional corporation you need to submit your Annual Renewal Form and fee, and new this year, a current-dated Corporate Profile Report.

The Annual Renewal forms will be mailed out by the RCDSO to dentists this week and will be mailed to each Director of the dentistry professional corporation by Monday, June 8, 2015 at the latest. As you know, the RCDSO pre-populates each member’s renewal form with information related to their dentistry professional corporation. For that reason, the renewal forms are not available on-line on the College website.

As you know, the legislation governing health professional corporations was amended on December 12, 2014 and removed the requirement for submitting a current-dated Certificate of Status in lieu of submitting a current-dated Corporate Profile Report.

We are often asked by our clients to assist them in the filing of the renewal of their Certificate of Authorization and if you want our assistance we would ask that once you receive the form from the RCDSO to send it by mail to us and we will submit the form with a current-dated Corporate Profile Report (must be dated prior to the signing of your declaration) and NOT a Certificate of Status as in previous years. For your information, Julie Wilkin at the RCDSO has contacted each of the service providers under contract with the Ministry of Government Services Ontario (OnCorp Direct Inc; Cyberbahn, a division of Thomas Reuters and ESC Corporate Services Ltd.) requesting their assistance in ensuring that dentists are being issued the Corporate Profile Report and NOT the Certificate of Status. If you submit the application for renewal without the Corporate Profile Report the College will reject your application and the issuance of the Certificate of Authorization will be delayed.

If you submit the renewal prior to August 1, 2015 the RCDSO renewal fee is $175.00 and following July 31, 2015 it is $200.00.

Initial Application For A Certificate Of Authorization From RCDSO

When we prepare and submit new applications for a Certificate of Authorization we include the Corporate Profile Report and NOT the Certificate of Status as required by the new legislation and utilize the new application forms found on the RCDSO website. If you have any questions regarding this email, please feel free to contact Michael or me at the number listed below or you can contact Julie Wilkin at the RCDSO at the contact information provide below.

Howard Kutner , LLB, LLM,

Michael Kutner , BA, LLB, JD (U.S.);

50 Acadia Ave., Suite 307, Markham, Ontario, L3R 0B3;

(905) 479-2524

Julie Wilkin , Assistant Manager Registration

Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

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